Meningococcal Disease B vaccine Petition

The Parkyn Family in South Australia started this petition after their 3 year old daughter Jazmyn was diagnosed with Meningococcal B back in August 2015. Her parents had Jazmyn (and her 2 siblings) 'fully' immunised under the free Australian Immunisation program. Jazmyn's parents assumed that they were protected for Meningococcal Disease.

 Meningococcal B is the most common strain in Australia today.  Currently, the meningococcal C vaccine is on the schedule, and the B vaccine is only available on the private market. This can be unaccessible for many families.

 Meningococcal Australia are helping the Parkyn family reach and educate as many people as they can, which will in turn assist this important vaccine being added to the National immunisation program.  If you wish to have this petition in your workplace, business or school, please contact Meningococcal Australia 

Your support is vital.  Together, we can make a difference and have our voices heard.