Meningococcal B vaccine rejected by PBAC July 15 meeting

Meningococcal Australia is disappointed to learn that the Meningococcal B vaccine has not been successful in gaining PBS status. This means that Australian families will have to continue to source the vaccine on the private market and pay from their own pocket. We are disappointed that the committee has made this decision, this vaccine should be accessible for all children on the NIP (National Immunisation Program). Meningococcal B is now the most prevalent strain in Australia today. Since the successful introduction of the Meningococcal C vaccine back in 2003, it has had such a positive result protecting our whole community. We hope hope that the concerns around the vaccines implementation can be addressed in the coming months and we can see the Men B vaccine added to protect our community. Until then please remember to Know, Check and Act for Meningococcal Disease.