Information for families travelling to Fiji where there is a Men C outbreak

We are receiving daily questions about the Meningococcal C disease outbreak in Fiji, and how Australian families can get protected before they travel.

In 2003 the Meningococcal C vaccine was introduced on the Australian NIP (for babies at 12 months of age). Since then, there have seen a massive reduction in the number of cases of serogroup C Meningococcal disease in Australia.

Some families are concerned about traveling to Fiji during this out break. Please speak to your GP or travel Doctor prior to travel if you have a child under 12 months of age who hasn't had their NIP Meningoccocal C vaccine. There are other ACWY vaccines available that can help to protect your child as well as other family members.

Fortunately for Fiji residents a vaccination program will be taking place in the coming months to help combat the disease.

Please refer to the websites below with vaccine travel advice